Fertility And Your Weight, Are They Related?

Posted on January 26, 2015 by MD

New York Reproductive Wellness and the ideal fertility weight?

Congratulations, you and your partner have decided it’s time to have a baby. The two of you are doing everything you can to enhance your fertility. You’re taking prenatal vitamins, tracking your ovulation, eating healthy and limiting caffeine and alcohol. But what about your weight, your partner’s weight; can that play a role in your fertility?

  • Achieving a healthy body weight before trying to get pregnant can positively impact your
  • fertility
  • Being underweight can decrease your chance of becoming pregnant by causing
  • hormone imbalances
  • On the flip side, being overweight can also cause hormone imbalances and decrease
  • your chance of getting pregnant
  • Hormone imbalances, from being underweight or overweight, affect ovulation and can
  • make it more difficult to conceive
  • Studies have found that both underweight and obese women take longer to conceive
  • than women with a healthy body weight
  • Weight also plays a role in male fertility
  • Being underweight can diminish the quality of a man’s sperm
  • Men who are overweight or obese have also been found to have reduced sperm quality
  • Poor sperm quality can result in decreased sperm motility and vitality, making it more
  • difficult for fertilization to occur
  • Low sperm count is often seen in overweight and obese men, decreasing the chance of
  • pregnancy

Being underweight or overweight can impact your ability to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. New York Reproductive Wellness shares these fertility facts to help you and your partner navigate the question of weight and fertility.

Dr. Zapantis and the team at NYRW are here to address all your fertility concerns. They will conduct a fertility evaluation to understand your situation and tailor fertility treatments to your needs. The first step is to schedule an appointment with our experienced staff at New York Reproductive Wellness in Jericho, New York. Call (516) 612-8466 to learn more about our fertility practice and make an appointment.



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