Fertility Preservation Overview

Fertility Preservation or Egg Freezing Process

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During the initial consultation your New York Reproductive Wellness physician will review your medical information, order some blood tests, and discuss your future family goals. Your provider will answer any questions that you may have, and then have you set up an appointment with one of their financial coordinators to discuss any questions that you may have regarding cost and insurance coverage.

Egg Freezing Cycle Preparation

Before freezing your eggs, your physician will design a plan for medications that you will have to take in order to stimulate your ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs. These medications will need to be self-administered for approximately 10-14 days. You will also have frequent monitoring visits during this time for your team to evaluate your progress and wellbeing.

Egg Retrieval Procedure

The final step in the egg freezing process is the egg retrieval. Under twilight anesthesia, your New York Reproductive Wellness physician will collect the eggs from each of your mature follicles under ultrasound guidance. The retrieval process only takes 15-30 minutes and requires little recovery time.

Our world-class embryologists will then flash freeze all of the mature eggs that were collected in a process called vitrification. Whenever you are ready to start building your family, you will need to return to our center for an IVF procedure. When the time comes for you to take this next step, your physician will be ready to explain all of the details of the procedure, make sure that you are comfortable, and have all of your questions answered.

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