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Female Fertility Treatment in Long Island

You’ve been trying to get pregnant for six to twelve months without success and feeling frustrated and asking yourself “why am I not getting pregnant?” We understand at NYRW.

While infertility affects women and men equally, there are more potential reasons for infertility if you’re a woman. From premature ovarian failure to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) to tubal issues and recurrent miscarriage, the factors of influence on female reproductive potential are numerous and compound once you reach or mid to late 30’s.

For many female patients, a discussion about egg or oocyte quantity and quality is the first step to understanding and overcoming infertility. Female hormone imbalances such as FSH, LH, and Estrogen are critical to consider.

An evaluation will begin with a thorough history and physical examination. Details such as the frequency of intercourse, regularity of menstrual cycles, medical history, previous gynecological problems, previous surgery, occupation, use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, and family history may suggest a reason why pregnancy is not occurring.

In addition, physical findings such as a high BMI, pelvic or genital masses or tenderness, excessive hair growth, an enlarged thyroid or nipple secretions might also point at a cause for infertility. Preconception testing will also involve a Pap smear, cervical cultures and certain bloods tests.

Other tests which will help to identify the cause for infertility include:

  • A test to confirm ovulation.
  • A test to confirm that the fallopian tube(s) are open like an HSG/ hysterosalpingogram.
  • A pelvic ultrasound to evaluate the uterus and ovaries
  • Bloodwork evaluate FSH, LH, Estrogen, and anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) levels.
  • Other possible evaluations may include: sonohysterogram, endometrial biopsy, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and a postcoital test.
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