LGBTQ Parenting

LGBTQ Parenting

Oikogéneia. Familia. Famiglia. Parivaar. Family. At NYRW we believe in family no matter what language you speak, what you look like, or who you love. We are committed to helping gay, lesbian, and transgender people and couples achieve their goals of becoming parents. We offer the latest advancements and treatments tailored to each case.

For example, for lesbian couples, we offer Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) with known or donor sperm, as well as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with known or donor sperm. In the case of IVF, both women can take part in the pregnancy if they desire; one woman can provide the eggs and the other woman can carry the pregnancy and deliver the baby. This is also possible with IUI, where one woman is inseminated with sperm for the first baby, and another for the second baby.

Gay men will need IVF to start or grow their families, along with a known or anonymous egg donor and gestational surrogate. They can also both contribute genetic material to their children by fertilizing the same donor’s eggs with each of their sperm. A gestational surrogate will need to carry each of those pregnancies separately, but once both babies are born, they will be related to each male partner, and be half siblings because they came from the same egg donor.

In the case of transgender individuals, the treatment plan depends on what is available, and what is needed. For example, if a trans man had his eggs frozen in the past, those eggs can be thawed and paired with donor sperm or the sperm of the man’s partner, if the partner has sperm. In the case of a trans woman who has begun her physical transition, it’s possible that sperm can still be obtained, in which case it can be paired with donor eggs or the eggs of that woman’s partner, if she has eggs. That partner will then either carry the pregnancy, or the couple will need a gestational carrier.

No matter what your situation, NYRW can help you start your family. Because love is love.

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