Is It Time To Consider In-Vitro Fertilization?

Posted on February 17, 2015 by MD

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that 6.7 million women in the United States have fertility issues. These women are unable to either become pregnant or carry a baby to a healthy delivery. There are many forms of fertility support available to help women and their partners reach their goal of having a baby.

One such option is in-vitro fertilization, also called IVF. This is an effective form of reproductive support when you are trying to become pregnant. During IVF your eggs and your partner’s sperm are combined in a laboratory setting, resulting in fertilization. Some of your fertilized eggs will form embryos that are then implanted in your uterus to grow and develop into a baby. IVF, while very effective, is not the first treatment alternative for infertility. Your doctor will typically explore non-invasive options prior to IVF. If you and your partner are having difficulty becoming pregnant, Dr. Zapantis and his staff at New York Reproductive Wellness (NYRW) can perform a fertility evaluation to understand your situation and needs, and to develop an individualized treatment plan. When is it time to consider in-vitro fertilization? Some helpful guidelines to follow for progressing to IVF treatment include:

  • Your fallopian tubes are damaged or blocked
  • Your partner has a sperm problem, low sperm count or low motility
  • You have tried other, less invasive fertility treatments with no success
  • Your reproductive age is considered advanced
  • You are unable to make your own eggs (donor eggs would be required)
  • You’ve been unable to become pregnant after 2 years of trying, and there is no explainable medical reason for your infertility

If any of these situations applies to you and your partner, it might be time to consider IVF. Infertility can be a confusing and emotional journey. Determining if IVF or another fertility option is correct for you and your partner is a very personal decision. Let the team at NYRW help you navigate your fertility options. If you’re considering in-vitro fertilization in Melville, New York your support team is as close as the phone. Call (516) 757-7673 to schedule an appointment.



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