Congress Considers Funding for Veterans' Fertility Treatment

Posted on May 31, 2016 by MD

During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, nearly 1,400 servicemen and women suffered injuries that left them infertile. If a bill introduced on April 14 is approved by Congress, the VA may soon begin providing funding for IVF fertility treatment for veterans who want to conceive a child. Veterans who are paralyzed due to injuries or traumatic brain injuries and those with injuries to the pelvis, groin or spinal cord frequently have difficulty conceiving. For some, the process may be impossible entirely. “Here’s the reality, thousands of men and women in uniform — many in their early 20s — have suffered injuries on the battlefield that left them unable to have children naturally,” said Sen Patty Murray, a Democrat from Washington, who sponsored an amendment to the annual Veterans Affairs Appropriation Bill that calls for $88 million in funding for fertility treatment. "They have testified here in the Senate about the sacrifices they made, and the extreme cost barriers they face to do the one thing they want most — start a family," she said during a Senate hearing. According to an article in Military Times, the amendment would allocate 18 million in fiscal year 2017 for fertility treatments and $70 million in fiscal 2018 if approved. "The fact is assisted reproductive technology like in vitro fertilization is medically sound and widely used. ... The Defense Department has been providing this care to service members for some time now," Murray said. The Defense Department pays for IVF and other treatments for some active duty vets who are wounded in the course of duty. The VA also provides veterans some infertility treatments in the form of assessments, counseling and surgeries, medications and intrauterine insemination. It does not cover the cost of IVF or more advanced treatments like blastocyst culture. The VA also doesnt' pay for the spouse of the injured vet to receive services at fertility clinics in New York City. The new appropriations bill would provide $20,000 in two lump sum payments so the spouses of injured veterans can seek treatment at any fertility clinic NYC.

Funding for Veterans' Spouses Fertility Treatment in New York City

With the ability to seek the most advanced fertility services at a New York fertility clinic, injured veterans can finally achieve the dream of starting a family. Using advanced fertility treatments available at our New York fertility clinic, more and more couples are successfully becoming pregnant with viable pregnancies.

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