What are the Advantages of Minimal Stimulation IVF

Posted on August 21, 2017 by NYRW

If you're looking for a more natural and less "medicated" form of in-vitro fertilization, consider minimal stimulation IVF at New York Reproductive Wellness in Jericho, NY.

What Can I Expect with Minimal Stimulation IVF?

To increase ovulation, your fertility doctor will proscribe medication to assist your body in releasing more eggs. After allowing time for the eggs to ripen, you’ ll receive an hCG ((human chorionic gonadotropin) shot to further encourage more eggs to be released. Eggs are retrieved for fertilization and later the embryos are transferred.

Comparing Minimal Stimulation IVF to Conventional IVF

Mini IVF is:

  • More affordable
  • Shorter cycled and takes less time
  • Less uncomfortable
  • Less risky, because you won't receive daily fertility shots, which bring a risk of developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS, which causes enlarged ovaries and excess fluid in the abdomen and can be serious.) along with other undesirable medication side effects.

Am I a Good Candidate for Mini IVF?

You’re a good candidate to try minimal stimulation IVF if:

  • Your uterus, fallopian tubes and reproductive system are intact and functional, which can be verified via ultrasound.
  • You’re under 35.
  • Your hormone levels are normal, checked with blood testing.
  • Your periods are regular, or you can safely take birth control pills to regulate menstruation.
  • Dr. Zapantis may order extra testing to verify candidacy, depending upon your general health and medical history.

Get the Skinny on Mini IVF in NY

If you would like to learn more about minimal stimulation IVF, call New York Reproductive Wellness for your consultation with noted fertility expert Dr. Gregory Zapantis, who can answer all your questions. Call us at 516-612-8466 today.



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