How You Can Use an Ovulation Calendar to Get Pregnant

Posted on May 16, 2017 by NYRW

Once you make a decision to start a family, you probably would like to conceive as soon as possible so that you and your partner can start to make your dreams become a reality. While some couples are willing to just let things take their natural course, other couples desire to maximize their chances of getting pregnant each and every month. Using an ovulation calendar is an excellent method to help you understand your most fertile days to help you maximize your opportunity of conceiving as early as possible.

Here are a few ways you can use an ovulation calendar to help you to get pregnant.

Understand your fertile cycle. Most women know the fundamentals of how their monthly fertile cycle works. After all, they typically know how many days their cycle lasts and roughly when to expect Aunt Flo. However, you might not have paid much attention to when you ovulate or the changes that provide you with a hint that you’re fertile. While not every woman’s body acts the same, some women ovulate around the same time in their cycle each month.

Know your most fertile days.
The three days that lead up to (and include) ovulation are your most fertile days. These days will vary based on your cycle length. For example, if your cycle is 28 days between periods, you typically ovulate on day 14. That means that your most fertile days are days 14, 13, and 12.

Keep an eye on your cervical secretions.
You may have noticed that at some times during the month, your cervical mucus becomes more plentiful. You may also have noticed that at times your cervical secretion is thin, clear, and stretchy. Some women liken it to the consistency of egg whites. It is when your mucus has this consistency that it is most advantageous of helping sperm to contribute to conception.

Track your temperature.
Another way to work with your ovulation calendar is to track your temperature. This is because before you ovulate, many, if not most, women’s temperature will spike. Once this temperature spike occurs, you’ll know that it is one of the best times for you to conceive in that monthly cycle. Take your temperature each morning for several days prior to when you believe you’ll ovulate and note them on your ovulation calendar. With the right tools in your trying-to-conceive toolbox, like an ovulation calendar, you can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Contact us here at New York Reproductive Wellness in Jericho, NY to learn about our fertility and reproductive services. We offer a comprehensive range of fertility treatment options. Please give us a call at (516) 757-7673.



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