How to Find the Right Fertility Center for You

Posted on April 4, 2017 by NYRW

When you’re seeking a top fertility center to help you add to your family and you have experienced fertility challenges, you deserve the very best holistic care. You need expert medical professionals well versed in the latest, most advanced fertility options. You also need experienced fertility specialists and embryologists with years of experience in all types of fertility treatments to guide you to the most successful fertility option. At our New York Reproductive Wellness fertility center, we provide this important support and expertise to help you conceive your child and carry him or her to term. If these options are not suitable for your life situation, we offer surrogacy programs and more, to help you realize your dream of expanding your family. Whether you choose us as your dedicated provider or not, there are some important considerations you should keep in mind to find the ideal NYC fertility specialist for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Care: 6 Tips for Evaluating NY Fertility Centers

Six factors to locate the best fertility specialist for your needs:

  1. The widest set of fertility treatment options: Whether you are best served with cutting-edge technology in reproductive science, like IVF, or you’re interested in completely natural, non-invasive fertility treatments, your chosen center must be ready to meet your needs.

  2. Clear understanding of your goals and priorities: At a top fertility center your treatment plan must consider all your requirements and desires, including your physical condition, age and personal goals, along with ethical and religious considerations.

  3. Welcoming, comfortable, custom-care environment: Our atmosphere is designed for your comfort with a small waiting room and careful scheduling so that your waiting time is minimized. We don’t overlap appointments in order to see the most people in one day, but to allow you time with our experts so that you receive individualized care. Our first appointments begin at 6 am for your convenience. Expect nothing less from a top quality fertility practice in NYC.

  4. Track record of success: We offer the latest IVF treatments tailored to your specific needs and goals and our record of success is in the top tier nationally. Our Assisted Reproductive Technology is second to none.

  5. Affordability, respect, empathy and support: We keep our fees low because assisting you in your fertility journey is our calling. We are invested in your happiness and success and do our best work for every patient. Accept nothing less from your chosen center.

  6. Personalized care from an top fertility expert: Dr. Gregory Zapantis personally performs each procedure, including ultrasounds, IUI (intrauterine inseminations), egg retrieval, embryo transfers and more. You can reach Dr. Zapantis whenever you have questions, through our office or directly on his cell phone. Our dedication is unmatched–and you should seek only this high level of care.

Get Holistic Fertility Care at Our Center
When you need supportive, caring fertility specialists on your side, we’re ready to partner with you to help you bring a new member to your family. We offer the widest set of fertility options, both advanced and traditional, and are dedicated to your success. Led by NY fertility expert Dr. Gregory Zapantis, New York Reproductive Wellnessis ready to help you now. Call us at 516-612-8466 today!



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