Do Fertility Herbs Really Work?

Posted on September 13, 2017 by NYRW

Enhancing Fertility with Alternative Medicine--Do Fertility Herbs Really Work?

No valid, conclusive research results exist that supports the efficacy of fertility herbs for enhancing fertility. Fertility herbs such as stinging nettle, red raspberry leaves, red clover blossoms and black cohosh are typically marketed as plant-based or "natural" ways to improve a woman's ability to conceive. However, most fertility herbs are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and may contain unknown ingredients producing unpleasant or toxic side effects. Also, women or men with fertility problems should have a comprehensive fertility evaluation to determine the cause of infertility instead of taking unsafe fertility herbs.

What Fertility Herbs Actually Do

Plants contain phytochemicals that may interact negatively with your body chemistry, foods you eat or medications you take. Since many fertility and non-fertility herbal supplements have not been thoroughly tested by the FDA, you can't really be sure if you are really taking what the bottle's label says you are taking. Purchasing fertility herbs overseas is especially dangerous to your reproductive and general health because a number of herbal ingredients provided by plant-based supplements are rarely regulated by Asian countries. Overdosing on herbal supplements is a widely reported consequence of using unregulated herbal supplements.

Medical Methods for Enhancing Fertility

At New York Reproductive Wellness, we offer safe, minimally invasive, evidence-based procedures for enhancing fertility in both men and women. Services include minimal stimulation IVF, in-vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination and many others. One of our more popular fertility treatments is donor egg IVF for women who have poor egg quality or reduced ovarian reserves. Women who have had several miscarriages, who are over 35 or have not experienced success with traditional in vitro fertilization treatments are also good candidates for donor egg IVF. Other reasons women choose donor egg IVF for enhancing fertility involve genetic causes of infertility, having autoimmune disorders that reduce their chances of conception and experiencing surgical or natural menopause.

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