Best Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

Posted on June 20, 2018 by NYRW

If you'd like to add to your family but have not been able to get pregnant, it may be time to consider infertility treatment. Medical treatments such as ovulation Induction can help increase the likelihood of conception. IVF (in-vitro fertilization) is one of the most popular fertility treatment options, with an excellent track record of helping women get pregnant. Many patients begin with IUI (intrauterine insemination), however, since this method can be quicker and less expensive. The decision as to which fertility treatment path is right for you is a very individualized one. Before beginning your fertility treatment journey, choose a noted fertility expert in NY to carefully guide your treatment, based on your unique goals and medical history. Here we list some of the best fertility treatments to help a woman get pregnant.

IUI Can Help You Get Pregnant

Intrauterine insemination improves the odds of conception by placing a concentrated form of sperm (from your partner or a donor) directly into your uterus. This increases the likelihood that sperm will reach your waiting egg and fertilize it. IUI is a worthwhile first fertility step if you have healthy Fallopian tubes (at least one must be undamaged and unblocked) and you're capable of producing ova (eggs) with an adequate reserve. If your partner has mild male-factor infertility, like poor motility (movement) or reduced sperm count, IUI can still work. That's because the sperm is washed, before being inserted into your uterus via a catheter--so that the highest-quality, concentrated sperm has a shorter journey to reach your egg.

IVF Can Work When Other Treatments Fail to Produce Pregnancy

If you're not a candidate for IUI, or if you've tried it without success, IVF may be the best way to fertility for you. IVF helps you get pregnant by bringing together eggs (retrieved from your ovaries) and sperm outside the body, where fertilization can more readily occur. After incubation, resulting embryos can be placed into the uterus to complete the pregnancy. Our fertility doctor may recommend starting with IVF if you're over 35, have endometriosis or low ovarian reserve (and in certain other situations). There are many details of your medical history and circumstances that may affect the course of your fertility treatment plan, so be sure to seek customized care from an NY fertility specialist.

Where to Find Expert Fertility Treatment in NY

IUI and/or IVF may be the very best option for your particular case, and each can be done using your natural cycle, or with fertility drugs to stimulate or regulate your ovulation (ovulation induction). Choosing the right fertility drugs in your case is also crucial. To make sure you receive the best type of fertility treatment to achieve conception, work with the most trusted fertility expert in NY. Dr. Zapantis and his staff are dedicated to building families with individualized, well-planned fertility treatment. Contact NY Reproductive Wellness in Syosset today.



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