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New York Reproductive Wellness is Powered by Oma Fertility, which means our patients benefit from Oma’s proprietary technology, Oma Sperm InSight™, which aids our embryologists in identifying the most promising sperm [1] cell in every sample. We want to give you greater odds—and independent studies [2] have shown that choosing promising sperm increases the odds of a successful pregnancy.

Revolutionary IVF & Fertility Technology Powered by AI

Give yourself better odds with a clinic that arms renowned embryologists with the only sperm microscope powered by AI intelligence, uncompromising lab protocols, and best-in-class fertility technology.

Oma helps embryologists make more informed choices with fertility technology.

The average healthy sperm sample has 100 million sperm cells — but only 4% are normal.

  • In reality, only a portion of that 4% can actually be spotted with a traditional microscope — embryologists can typically only analyze cells around the middle of the field of view. This limits the pool of promising sperm cells to pair with the few available eggs per IVF cycle.
  • Sperm also move fast and rotate as they swim, making it challenging to follow the most promising cells. Which means finding promising sperm cells for IVF can be like looking for a needle in a moving haystack.

Oma Sperm InSight™ helps embryologists find the needle in the haystack.

Oma embryologists use Sperm InSight™ and our proprietary AI sperm microscope during sperm selection in order to identify the most promising sperm cells. The technology works like an AI assistant for our embryologists.

  • Sperm InSight™ analyzes and highlights the most promising sperm cells to be confirmed by the embryologist. Even though only 4% of cells in a sample may be normal, this gives us a greater pool of high-quality cells to choose from. Selecting the right sperm to pair with eggs can increase the odds of a successful pregnancy.
  • High pixel density makes it easier to see details, so embryologists can choose the most promising sperm cell.
  • AI analyzes and tracks sperm on the move, so embryologists don’t have to rely just on hand-eye coordination and fast reflexes to spot, follow, analyze, and choose sperm cells.
  1. Most promising sperm is defined as morphologically normal sperm with linear progressive motility per the WHO guidelines, which would have been selected by embryologists for fertilization based on the training data collected by us

  2. Various studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of different methods of sperm selection to improve the odds of a successful pregnancy. How to improve IVF-ICSI outcome by sperm selection; A Berkovitz, et al. Sperm vacuoles negatively affect outcomes in intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection in terms of pregnancy, implantation, and live-birth rates; E Greco, et al. At Oma Fertility, we use our own proprietary technology as a method to select the most promising sperm.

  3. Evidence for decreasing quality of semen during past 50 years; Carlsen, E et al.

  4. Trends of male factor infertility, an important cause of infertility: A review of literature; Kumar N, Singh AK.

  5. "Distribution of Semen Examination Results 2020;" Martin J. Campbell, et al.

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